Finance & Payroll Executive - Testimonials

“I approached Payroll & Finance Executive because I needed an efficient, reliable person, who specialized in all the day to day financial duties, which I could not do.

Payroll & Finance Executive helped me by stream lining my billing and accounts process, as well as enabling me to understand the day to day duties of the finance side of my business.

I am now able to create quotes and invoices quickly, so the client can approve and pay faster. I can also keep track and action the non-paying customers a lot quicker.

One thing I like is their professionalism, honesty, and efficiency to get the job done.

I find the experience takes a great deal of pressure off my shoulders and I am able to concentrate on what I do best.

I would recommend Payroll & Finance Executive to people who need tax and payroll services, personal or business, as well as all financial management to grow their business.”

̴  The Way Forward IT    ̴

I met with Finance & Payroll Executive when in the market for a bookkeeper for my newly established company. 

Finance & Payroll Executive has a sound understanding of accounting and is very responsive to all my bookkeeping needs.  They set up a well-organized system that enables me to focus on my business and has an energetic presence which makes them a pleasure to work with. 

Finance & Payroll Executive knowledge and efficiency make them a great asset to my company.

̴  Love Your Job (Pty) Ltd    ̴